Loken Sunday Market Open Now

The current pandemic outbreak has had severe economic consequences across Malaysia. This not only has consequences for the mainstream market

Lokenial 2.0: Continues

The Lokenial 2.0, on February 23, 2020, continues. In this series, 49 volunteers took to the street at Jalan Horley to create a small impact of human activities within Ipoh Memorial Lane/ Loken Ipoh.

Lokenial 2.0: 23 FEB 2020

In conjunction with Visit Malaysia Year 2020, LOKENIAL 2.0 is one of the initiatives to strengthen Loken Ipoh/ Memory Lane brand and reputation, which is one of Ipoh City’s unique identities. After weekly programme held in January- February, this main event marked down its collaboration between industry representative and Diploma

WORKSHOP: Developing Creative & Innovative Thinking

Besides previous Fieldwork’s review and briefing session about the programme’s next step, the workshop contains presentations, lectures, brainstorming, discussions,


In the 15th Century, Turkey was the first country which legalized street food and established its standards. Lamb kebab and fried chicken are their most popular street meals back then in the reign of cuisine. Between 17th to 19th, burger invented in England (17th Century); inspired by sandwich, soon it became popular in Germany and together with Europeans colonization it enters America in the 18th Century. The burger is one of the reasons resulting in street food banning New York in the first part of the 18th Century. 19th Century witnessing the French Fries dominating the industries in Europe and became famous all over the world.


Before the industrial revolution hit, jewellery, clothes and accessories were made by hand by the talented. Even the early industrialization of these item’s manufacturing still consisted of skilled workers who made those goods by hand. The process was slow and happened in several stages, involving customs tools and machines.


Popular with both locals and tourists, the offer is unique in Memory Lane; second-hand (sometimes open-box/ mint), and many times vintage items: Clothing, decorative items, retro furniture, household items like typewriters, dishes, phones, radio, film camera,

Lokenial 2.0: Starting Soon

Lokenial 2.0: Coming Soon


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